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Leo Boatman: Product of the system or natural-born killer?

09/12/10 Leo Boatman had 'uniquely awful' path to murder" ― If you believe the killer, when he raised his rifle that day, he was aiming at all of us." [continued]

!!PEN PAL WANTED!! Leo Boatman is now 24 and would appreciate pen pals. Pen pals will give him something to do, things to think about...and a link to the 'real' world. He is interested in exchanging ideas about travel, history and life. He can receive letters and no more than 10 sheets of blank lined paper, 10 blank envelopes & 20 stamps, per mailing.
Use this mailing address:

Leo Boatman 129327
Florida State Prison
7819 NW 228th St.
Raiford, FL 32026

For more information contact


Blade Reed

Kids in custody in the US are too often treated worse than animals. Click here to read about Blade Reed in Indiana. Then, sign the petition Humane treatment for Blade Reed.


07/14/08 Don't Talk to Police!? received a link to a video presentation by Professor James Duane and Virginia Beach Police Department Officer George Bruch. The title of the presentation is Don’t Talk to Police!  It warns that you can be convicted by talking to the police even if you are innocent and tell the truth! Talking to the police "can not help you!" Click here to view the 48-minute video. To read your rights, written by Bob Dillinger, Florida Public Defender, 6th Circuit, click here.


Pinellas County Juvenile Justice Council - Public Meeting Schedule

To be Announced
For more information, click here.

DJJ bad apple  Bad Apples in DJJ? No! Say it isn't so! If you learn of a DJJ bad apple, tell us:

"Our conduct will be professional and always place the public's interest above self-interest. We will avoid any appearance of impropriety, prejudice, threats, favoritism, or undue influences." ~DJJ Mission Statement

Date ID # Name Facility
CCC# 201100041
IG 10-0078 - Employee abuse
CCC# 201003284
Gargett, Frank Manatee
09/10/10 Arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior Crotzer, Alan DJJ HQ
08/23/10 HCSO Booking #10041470 - DUI Uliasz, James Joseph
Pinellas JDC
02/18/10 CCC 2010-00636 -Abuse of Youth and Staff Violations Roberts, Major
Chesser, Officer
Pasco JDC
02/16/10 CCC 2009-05970 - Abuse of 16 year-old boy Pejot, J. Pinellas JDC
02/15/10 CCC 2010-00604 - Staff violations Gargett, Major
Kelly, Capt.
Searls, Capt.
Manatee JDC
01/26/10 CIG 2010-9 - Review of the Travel of Secretary Frank Peterman, Jr. Peterman, Frank DJJ HQ
01/11/10 COE 09-153 - Florida Commission on Ethics Complaint #09-153 Peterman, Frank DJJ HQ
12/04/09 Detention guard charged with cocaine trafficking to be fired Jackson, Reginald Okaloosa JDC
02/11/09 IG 09-0005/CCC N/A - Improper conduct/computer misuse Barreiro, Guss DJJ HQ
10/08/08  CCC 200806181 - Drug violations Volusia JDC Volusia JDC
Guilty; 8 yrs in prison
PCSO 1322871
Woods, Parris Pinellas JDC
08/22/08 DJJ IG # 2008-05253 - staff members (including the program director) are having sexual relations with the juveniles at The Pines

Stewart Marchman The Pines



OIG 08-154 - pornography viewing on state computers by St. Johns Regional Juvenile Detention Center staff

Probe into officer
firings done

St. Augustine Record

The way DJJ has
destroyed some of the
15 at SJRDC

e-mail to
St. Augustine Record

Allen, D.
Charlton, D.
Demarco, C.
Evans, D.
Fox, C.
Hontz III, H.
McCoy, J.
Montoya, R.
Philmore, D.
Quinn, M.
Thomas, T.
Vertule, M.
St. Johns JDC
06/30/08 CCC 2008-01488 - principal to escape Larry, Dyshawn Manatee Adolescent Treatment Center
06/26/08 CCC 2008-01870 - failure to perform 10-minute room checks on a youth in isolation
Lopez, A.
Mitchell, M.
Roman. A.
Osceola JDC
06/12/08 CCC 2008-03583 - punching juvenile at Manatee juvenile facility Damour, Wanick Manattee JDC
05/21/08 CCC 2007-04544 - failure to perform 10-minute room checks; false documentation Roland, J.
Russ, M.
Woods, C.
DOVE Academy
05/15/08 CCC 2008-03012 
CCC 2008-03013
failure to perform 10-minute room checks on a youth in isolation
McCausland, Shadrick (CCSO)
Marino, Meghan (DJJ)
Collier County JAC
05/12/08 W35136 - Employed while on felony probation for carrying a concealed fire arm
NOT INVESTIGATED BY IG: "Carrying a Concealed Weapon-Firearm is not a disqualifying offense... This matter does not need to be investigated..."
Jackson, Anthony Palm Beach Juvenile Correctional Facility
04/29/08 Pinellas JDC - felony possession of crack cocaine Galto, Dominic Pinellas JDC
03/11/08 08002634CF10A - DUI, reckless driving, speeding, and fleeing the scene of an accident Evans, Duane Thompson Academy YSI
06/20/07 DJJ IG 07-308 - improper restraint and unnecessary force
Williams, Christopher Manatee Adolescent Training Services
02/05/07 072506 - DUI Uliasz, J. Pinellas JDC

Ever wonder why DJJ never seems to get any better? Click here... to learn how DJJ treats staff who attempt to work within the "system" to make positive changes.


My rights Bob Dillinger Public Defender 6th Circuit
Honorable Behavior


Now they can read!
Justice4Kids spent nearly five years insisting that kids in Florida's Juvenile Detention Centers be allowed to read books in their sleeping rooms. As of March 10, 2006, they can!
Click here to read the DJJ memo and to learn the story behind the books. Also. read how new DJJ Secretary Peterman "petered out" when asked for help in 2002!

04/08/08 Peterman letter to DJJ Staff:
"[ has] been blocked"
~Frank Peterman, Secretary, DJJ

WOW - One year later, minus one day - Pinellas County Commissioner Calvin Harris, tells youth activist Cathy Corry to SHUT UP, same as he told school teacher Dennis Segall... what's next
09/18/06 Pinellas County Commissioner Calvin Harris tells the public to "SHUT UP" during a meeting of the Circuit 6 Juvenile Justice Board. The target of Harris's outburst was school teacher Dennis Segall, critical of the Board's activities, who spoke out of turn.
09/17/07 Pinellas County Commissioner Calvin Harris tells Cathy Corry, "You, shut up!" during a meeting of the Circuit 6 Juvenile Justice Board'

02/01/07 McNeil letter to DJJ staff:
"As...Governor Crist so eloquently has stated, this is the people’s work, and we are public servants first and foremost.  ...we will be successful only if we work cooperatively with...parents, advocacy groups, reach our shared goals."

~Walter A. McNeil, Secretary, DJJ

01/18/07 From our servant government:
" . . . we are clueless."
~Danielle Williams, DJJ

01/18/07 From our servant government:
"It's been a long day." "We need more people." "We don't have the infrastructure like all the other branches." "All my people must run, jump and shoot." "I'm sorry if I had the flu."
~Greg Johnson, DJJ Assistant Secretary of Prevention

09/18/06 From our servant government:
"And you, shut up!"
~Calvin Harris, Pinellas County Commissioner

12/05/06 From our servant government
"Every system needs a conscience."

~Steve Casey, FL DJJ Deputy Secretary

01/30/06 From our servant government:
"The judges know what our kids need; the school system knows what the kids need; the parents don't know what these kids need."
~Jane Gallucci, Pinellas County School Board member

11/10/04 From our servant government
"We discourage public comment."
~Marquita McGuire, DJJ

Watchdog of Florida's
Department of Juvenile Justice
This site was updated 03/01/2011

Our mission is to give voice to all who participate in Florida’s juvenile justice system: a voice for children, parents, and staff. Our goal is to use that voice to make the system better; to transform it into a service in which the entire community can be proud. TOGETHER, we make a difference!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
~Martin Luther King, Jr.


Committed to protecting your rights,
because they are my rights too!

Donald A. Harrison
Attorney at Law
Criminal Defense Pinellas/Pasco/Hillsborough Counties
PO Box 189
Riverview, FL 33568-0189


Justice4Kids Adopt a Park

January 10, 2009

By the numbers: According to DJJ, Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct was the most common school-related referral during FY 2005-06 (5,223 or 26% of total). Click here for more about the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track.

Report of the Blueprint Commission

10/29/07 calls on Blueprint Commission for independent oversight of DJJ facilities
02/01/07 An Escambia JDC dialogue.

We've been Duped!
Those juvenile arrest records you've been told were "confidential": they're not!

01/08/07 Crusading for confidentiality
FDLE sells "confidential" juvenile arrest records on-line.

Click here for more.


Join the discussion at Yahoo Discussion Group AbuseInFloridaDJJ.


For more information on abuse in the juvenile justice system, click here.


Government run amok!

Greg Pound outside the
Pinellas County
Criminal Justice Center
August 31, 2010

It's the law: Florida gets a $4000 bounty for each adopted child. Click here for details.

11/24/07 Father of five loses battle for parental rights

11/11/07 State to parents: We know best for kids

08/09/07 Despite lack of charges, man loses four children

Pinellas County leads state in number of children taken from families

[Greg Pound's] three children were taken from him after the second-youngest suffered an attack by a relative's dog. The court is seeking to terminate Pound's parental rights... His wife remains on the run more than a year after disappearing with their youngest prevent the state from taking custody. Pound has no criminal record in Pinellas County and has not been charged with any crime. He maintains the state is dead wrong regarding the handling of his case.
Click here to read the complete article.

For more testimony, visit

Click here to send a message to your representatives.

"Florida monitors zoos and animal shelters with greater scrutiny and professionalism than DJJ monitors the contracted providers that reap profits from troubled kids and families. It's all about politics and money."
, 11/22/06


03/01/11 Suit alleges former Dozier school abused three boys
They changed the name, pushed out the superintendent, reduced the population of young prisoners, retrained the staff and fired employees caught sleeping on the job...But a class-action lawsuit filed in federal court Friday claims kids are still being abused and mistreated at the notorious Department of Juvenile Justice program in rural Marianna...  [complete article]

02/28/11 Report: Broward schools too quick to call police
Broward County leads the state in the number of students needlessly referred to the criminal justice system for misbehaving in school, according to a report due to be issued Tuesday by three civil rights groups. [complete article]

02/28/11 State steps in less and more kids die
The details of Nubia Barahona’s death are grisly...Statistically, however, Nubia’s story is rather common... Florida not only leads the United States in the number of such deaths, it dominates the nation. [complete article]

01/15/11 Former Dozier school sees new management, again
Gavin Tucker, a Jackson County native and employee at the center for 12 years, has been named the acting operations and program manager [to replace Michael Cantrell]. “Hopefully the Department (of Juvenile Justice) is wise enough to make it permanent,” Cantrell said... [complete article]


The Boys of the Dark is the true story of men forever haunted by the torture they endured as kids at the hands of their jailers in the infamous Florida School for Boys. This is "a story of betrayal and redemption in the deep south" written by Robin Gaby Fisher with Michael O'McCarthy and Robert W. Straley.

Fisher is a Pulitzer Prize winner and the New York Times best selling author of After the Fire. O'McCarthy and Straley are survivors who founded The White House Boys Survivor's Organization.

To read stories about the "white house boys" as they emerged in the St. Petersburg Times and other newspapers, click here. For more information, visit The White House Boys Survivor's Organization at and Or, contact Robert Straley at 727.447.4441 or by email at

Also, contact Gus Barreiro at 786.586.3193. Barreiro, as a Florida State Representative, led his committee to force the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to confront its failure to provide "... services that strengthen families and turn around the lives of troubled youth." Barreiro later worked in the Department where he successfully fought to bring the story of the White House Boys and conditions at the Florida School For Boys to the nation's attention. He did it because he knew it must be done. He also knew it would cost him his job.

To buy the book or read an excerpt from The Boys of the Dark on, click here.

After many years and many name changes, Florida School For Boys was renamed Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys.
Most recently, July 2010, the facility was renamed North Florida Youth Development Center, while apparently merging with another co-located facility, Jackson Juvenile Offender Correctional Center.
Regardless of the name changes by the State of Florida, the address for all facilities is 4111 South Street, Marianna, Florida 32446.
The sign for the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys was taken down after the July 1, 2010 transition. The facility is waiting on legislative action officially changing the facility’s name before it installs a new sign with the new name.

Report abuse at Dozier School for Boys
Ben Montgomery
St. Petersburg Times
(727) 893-8650    (10/11/09)
Inspector Tom Berlinger
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Office of Executive Investigations
Post Office Box 1489
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
(850) 410-8240     (12/19/08)

Visit the White House Boys website.

10/11/09 Area pair among Florida's youngest female inmates "Charged as an adult with unarmed carjacking, Stephanie, who was then 15 years old, landed in jail in April 2008. Soon, she would start to disappear, just another girl who, as her attorney put it, 'never really had a chance.'" Continued Also visit Kids as Adults

07/07/09 Zero tolerance for old policy  "Rather than zero tolerance, the new law sets a better goal: policies should be 100 percent appropriate." Continued... Also visit Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track

05/21/09 Among bars for ever “No more freedom. About ten thousands offender serve in US prisons life term because of offences that they committed as teenagers; about one quarter of them without any chance to be released: life without parole.” Read this European view of juvenile justice in America. Continued... Also visit Criminalizing Youth/Kids as Adults.

10/06/08 "If you believe that your child has been harmed while in the care of the Department, we will be happy to review the case."- John Walsh, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County. [Click here to read the complete message.]

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!


Abuse in DJJ? Say it isn't so! When you tell J4K of your complaints, J4K ensures that your allegations are reported for investigation. If you want J4K to help, complete an online J4K Incident Report.

"We will establish and maintain safe programs for youth that will better prepare them for adulthood." ~DJJ Mission Statement

Here are some current cases under Peterman's regime... For more, click Child Abuse.
Date ID# Name
02/18/10 2010-00636 Pasco JDC
02/16/10 2009-05970 Pinellas JDC
11/10/09 2009-05855 St Johns YSI Facilities
10/28/09 2009-05579 Eckerd Youth Challenge Program
12/18/08 2008-07593 Brevard JDC
12/12/08 2008-07504 Hastings Youth Academy
12/07/08 2008-07422 Miami JDC
11/17/08 2008-07064 Hastings Youth Academy
11/12/08 2008-06946 Dozier & JJOCC
11/2008 2008-07079 Tallahassee JDC
11/2008 2008-07062 Tallahassee JDC
10/2008 2008-06963 Tallahassee JDC
10/2008 2008-06672 Tallahassee JDC
08/22/08 2008-05253 The Pines
07/22/08 2008-04507 DeSota
07/08/08 2008-04150 Dozier
07/03/08 2008-03998 Collier Academy
07/02/08 2008-03930 Pasco JDC
06/21/08 2008-03860 Graceville
06/19/08 2008-03803 Okaloosa Youth Academy
05/23/08 2008-03167 Dade
05/15/08 2008-02972


05/13/08 2008-02930 Pasco JDC
05/13/08 2008-02913 Graceville
04/25/08 2008-02542 DeSota Dual Diagnosed
04/23/08 2008-02484 Hastings
04/21/08 2008-02452 Dozier
03/26/08 2008-01870 Oceola JDC [SUBSTANTIATED]
03/10/08 2008-01488 Manatee MAT Center
05/27/08 2007-06705 Collier Academy
05/19/08 CAP 5 & 6


DJJ concerns? Abuse or neglect of youth?   Contact: Wansley Walters - cell 850-210-3815,

10/21/07 Hastings troubled-youth facility has troubles of its own: A youth-care worker is arrested for trying to sell marijuana. A worker is charged with pulling a knife on a 16-year-old. A worker is fired after sexual touching with a 16-year-old... ~Times Union


Justin Caldwell was at the Dozier ISP when, on February 11, 2007, a guard violently, and without apparent provocation, threw him to the floor. To watch the video record, click here.

11/27/07 Teen Sentenced for Battering Guard

11/08/07 Trial verdict comments from Isabelle Zehnder, CAICA)

04/28/07 Imprisoned since 13, an adult Justin Caldwell remains walled in

04/17/07 Justin Caldwell abused at Dozier School for Boys: The Truth
Justin Caldwell, an 18-year old boy, has been incarcerated in the Florida Juvenile Justice System since he was 13. What should have been a 12-15 month stay in a residential treatment center to allegedly “help” Justin turned into a five-year nightmare.

To read more of more cases, click Abuse!

Who would believe that DJJ's DOVE ACADEMY in GRACEVILLE, Florida would look like this?

06/09/07 Juvenile facilities rated among state's worst


What a guy! On 09/18/06 and again on 09/17/07 Pinellas County Commissioner Calvin Harris tells the public to "SHUT UP" during meetings of the Circuit 6 Juvenile Justice Board. The targets of Harris's outbursts were a school teacher and a youth activist; critical of the Board's activities, they spoke out of turn. Calvin Harris has been in violation of the Board Bylaws because he has continued to be the Chair of the Board for longer than the Bylaws allow. Harris, at the Board meeting of July 17, 2006, dismissed the governing rules saying, "The bylaws, its just a piece of paper."


Four Boys...Omar Paisley

Shawn Smith, Danny Matthews, Omar Paisley, and Martin Anderson never met but they did have things in common: they were boys; they were in their teens; and they died while in the custody and care of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

Click on a picture of each boy to read more.

If you are not outraged you are not paying attention!

Speak out!
The English statesman and champion of human rights, Edmund Burke stated: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

To report abuse/neglect that occur to youth in FL's DJJ custody:
DJJ CCC: 800-355-2280
Abuse Hotline: 800-96ABUSE

OR to send your complaint to Justice4Kids, CLICK HERE

Our children need your voice!A supporter at
If you have information regarding abuse, neglect, harassment, intimidation or discrimination of children in any state or local governmental institution, please contact by e-mail at or



If you agree that the juvenile justice system must be reformed...Then you can begin to make some changes. Here are a few suggestions:


Join the Pinellas County Juvenile Justice Council or click here to find the JJC in your county;


Tell others about the experiences you have had with the "system";


Hand out fliers at your nearest JDC, court house and at neighborhood functions;


Research archives; verify facts; and


Tell people about


Speak out on the blog Juvenile Justice Florida Style at

Click here to contact us.


horizontal rule

Welcome to! Hopefully, this site will show you that you are not alone in your frustration with Florida's juvenile justice system. You will find that aspects of the "system" that are confusing, odd and, often, just plain wrong are not figments of your imagination. Fortunately, there are moms and dads and grandparents, too, who can help you and your family get through the tangled web of "juvenile justice".


Our site has 10 pages.

  1. Home This is our "home" page; it gives you an overview and highlights latest activity.
  2. Criminalizing Youth Examples from experience and news reports that point out the absurdities of the way Florida has, through the use of school "resource officers"  and laws, elevated what were once childhood pranks to criminal offences. In addition, there is information about people in prison for life for crimes committed as children. Here you will also find the Schoolhouse to Jail House Track or Zero Tolerance gone astray and kids treated as adults.
  3. The Department Recent events at Florida's Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)
  4. Child Abuse Stories of abuse by authorities on children and their parents are documented here. If you have an incident of abuse that you wish to report, then complete the Incident Report Form on the Abuse! page. My Word! Here you will find questions asked and answered; commentaries and accounts from other parents including the in-depth Boot Camp Diary.
  5. Boot Camps The fall of Florida's boot camps as a means to discipline youth in the juvenile justice system as a result of the death of Martin Lee Anderson.
  6. My Word! Here you will find questions asked and answered; commentaries and accounts from other parents including the in-depth Boot Camp Diary.
  7. Our Blog: J4KBuzz Our blog is described here along with a link to our retired Bulletin Board comments.
  8. Web Sites This is a list of one-click e-mail and website addresses for people and organizations that may be of help.
    In addition, you will find:
    bullet Documents We continue to collect policies, procedures and brochures that directly effect parents and youths confronted with the juvenile justice
    bullet Complaints Here are guidelines for when to file a complaint with the head of the Department of Juvenile Justice or with the DJJ Inspector General.
    bullet Glossary Here, the bureaucratic language of the juvenile justice system -- acronyms and jargon -- is translated into "English."
    bullet FastFacts & Voices These are single-topic fliers that explain various aspects of the juvenile justice system. The fliers are produced by and distributed at court and at the JDC --- two places where families who find themselves in the juvenile justice system are likely to congregate.
  9. News Clips This page is a compilation of news paper articles dating back to 2000 that deal with the Department of Juvenile Justice.
  10. Contacts On this page you can complete a form and e-mail it to In addition, there are links to newspaper reporters who write about DJJ activities. And, last, but not least, you can write Florida State Legislators.

Remember, together we make a difference!


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